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We have chosen Astora GmbH because of their strong and comprehensive market know ledge about telecommunication and fast entrance to the retail organizations in different market regions. The first projects have been realized only a couple of weeks after the opportunities have been agreed.


Simply the way they have approached us. Without asking for lot of agreement and contracts at the beginning they checked the market in the Balkan and came back after some weeks with simply orders. What else can you expect?


Astora has evaluated pour program and we have been very convinced how thy suggested to conquer other markets than those we have already your products distributed. Within is a very short time frame they organized tailor made packages of “Do-It-Yourself bath Furniture” for two retailers in the Balkan which are almost known more for food than bath equipment. Good team there.


They promised us to sell some of our products to aftermarket automotive wholesalers in the car dealers business in Germany and to wholesalers in the field of bath furniture. We have been very skeptic while the announced this plan and propositions during IFA Trade Show in September 2011. After 4 weeks the first orders have been place through customers they have acquired.  Simply we say thank you and congratulation. Please continue. Those people their know their profession. Acting not talking!!!

D. Gracia, Portfolio Manager Network Operator:

Fast, reliable and experienced to solve all our inventory exchanges in 21 European Locations. All reports are properly made and will be used for our balance sheets and the sales of the returned assets are always exceeding our expectations.

W. Rath, Dept. Regional Manager of the second largest IT Vendor in Austria:

Whenever we have sales budget challenges because of postponed or cancelled projects with large operations in our market we appreciate their service to take over those unsold and uninstalled stocks against immediate payment. Their comprehensive experience in ICT market, from a simple monitor to complex server and storage products helps us to avoid internal sales budget discussion of missed opportunities or market shares.